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Arlene Nagtalon

Arlene Nagtalon is a senior in high school from sunny San Diego, CA, and uses she/her pronouns. She enjoys writing about people, hearing their unique stories, and recognizing them for their achievements. Arlene is extremely passionate about making sure minority voices are heard (which include BIPOCs and the LGBTQIA+ community), getting more girls involved in STEM, environmentalism, and fighting the mental health stigma. Her inspiration for articles stems from everywhere, whether it be from the media, a minor inconvenience she's faced, or something she's observed that others haven't noticed. She is extremely grateful to have a platform where her voice is heard and appreciated. Arlene also seeks to pursue the STEM and entrepreneurship industries, specifically molecular and cell biology and business management. She aspires to bridge both fields, using her creative and logical sides. Outside of VofZ, Arlene has become quite skilled at managing the balancing act that is her life. With nearly all AP courses, tending to her eleven-year-old sister Alena, maintaining her mini Instagram thrift shop, participating in her school's Letterettes auxiliary team, and serving as a student representative of the San Diego Unified School District's School Advisory Board to improve school policies on the district-level, life can be hectic for her. In Arlene's (rare) free time, she enjoys learning French, listening to Lauv, The Script, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift, playing the ukulele, paper crafting, and making origami. One day, she hopes to take a road trip around Europe as a polyglot with her friends, trying out different cuisines, speaking each country's language like a local, sightseeing, and appreciating art at various museums.

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