Photographers That Matter

Cara Poyntz

Cara is a photographer, director and editor based in Surrey/London, England. Fashion, music and travel is the fuel to her creativity. She absolutely loves to create, experience and visit new places and meet people from all walks of life. 

Growing up outside of London and living in the countryside, with traveling to London all her life; She has such an appreciation for the contrast of a city escape and a countryside life. This most definitely plays into her work aesthetic and she truly loves nothing more than to explore new places, make memories and capturing a moment in time. 

What are some Photographers you admire?

Photographers I admire would be Jason Lee Perry, Mario Testino, Sam Dameshek, Carly Dame, Mark Seliger, Cameron Hammond, Lachlan Bailey. And so many more! 

What made you want to get into photography? 

My first very moment that made me want to get into photography was studying the art of legendary photographers of our time such as Irving Penn, Ansel Adams, Mario Testino, Nick Knight to name a few. I would analyse their work so deeply and it really allowed me to appreciate photography in a much deeper way. And my first experience in the darkroom in photography class back at secondary school (high school in what would be the U.S). The moment I developed my first physical print was a magical memory for me.


What's the best piece of advice you'd give airing photographers?

Best piece of advice I’d give is create a story or a type of emotion for every single shoot you do. The best shoots can also be the most simple set ups so use what you have around you and what’s available to you. We can only use what we have. And to shoot what feels true to you always!