A Continued Fight for the World: Accountability

Updated: Apr 18

By Ziao Yin

Image via ABC News

Just a month ago, the inauguration of Joe Biden brought the United States together, celebrating a new found hope for the future of our country. Along with that hope and contentment, brought a lot of new promises from Biden’s campaign itself for the first 100 days of taking office. While he has fulfilled many of them, such as revering Muslim travel bans, enforcing a masking mandate in federal buildings, and a push for COVID relief to the American people, many of his promises that drove his campaign and possibly his victory, have been left aside. One of his core campaign visions being an 100 day moratorium on deportations, pausing any current and future deportations in a time of crisis.

After the opinion of Texas federal judge Drew Tipton, the Biden administration handed all primary deportation operations over to ICE, led by the inhumane and fast track expulsion systems former President Trump had set in place. Advocacy groups, like ACLU, call giving ICE the control of apprehension and removal a major step backwards in terms of the Abolish ICE movements led by progressives around the country. Since then, scheduling of these flights has risen severely, with no clear evidence that these people are a national and public safety threat. Many people, like a woman that was recently transferred to ICE near El Paso, Texas, has had no access to attorneys and been swiftly booked for deportation flights. These people continue to fear for their safety as they get deported into countries amassed with violence and gang activity.

It has to have gotten better under the Biden administration now, right? Well, not necessarily. Although Biden has reversed a good amount of Trump’s policies, much of the immigration and deportation systems are still in place from the last administration. Since taking office, ICE has continued to conduct business as usual, carrying out 21 removal flights to over six different countries. Many of these flights are to Mexico and Central America, yet there is an uproar in deportations to Haiti. Just in a month roughly 900 and counting Haitians have been expelled in 11 flights, up from the 2 flights in December. Haiti has experienced many natural disasters such as the 2010 earthquake or Hurricane Matthew and is plagued with brutal kidnapping and violent gangs. Given these circumstances, 60% of Haitians are left in poverty and unemployed. Sending adults, let alone families, elderly, and pregnant women back would put them all at major risk.

This brings a message of accountability. Sure, Biden is a democrat and many of the policies he puts in place are for the American people, but his platform was given to him because of the promises he made. Accountability goes both ways, no matter the party. Many cities and states stand for what’s right against Republican administrations yet let their guard down and have Democrat administrations get away with many of their deportation policies, including Obama and now Biden. Holding future presidents, and other elected officials accountable to the promises they make will progress the development of a more just United States.

Written by writer Ziao Yin


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