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Skin Care Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

By: Mehr Lokhandwala

Image via Kiss Clipart.

I’m sure we have all seen claims from public figures that a certain skincare product helped them with their acne, hyperpigmentation, or any other skin concern of theirs. Of course when you go to purchase that product, not only is it ridiculously overpriced but it usually doesn’t work or ends up irritating your skin more. I too am guilty of it. There is a lot of pressure to have the perfect skin care routine, and I have fallen into the trap of thinking this meant I would have to empty out my wallet in order to have this ‘perfect’ myriad of products.

Celebrities play a huge role in the products we buy. If you think about it, many people are more interested in buying products that celebrities endorse rather than products that do not have endorsements; whether the product is good or not does not matter.

Everyone has different skin types and different needs for their skin, thus, what works for one person's skin may not work for another person's skin. Your skin does not care whether the products you are using are $10 or $100; all that matters is that it works for your skin (of course there are certain ingredients and products you want to stay away from, but I am not a dermatologist and cannot advise you on which products/ingredients are good or bad).

If you are on any social media platform you are bound to see billions of skin care tips and tricks; and what I find often happens is, in an effort to follow what these accounts say religiously, we often end up neglecting our own skin and it’s needs. In an article by Gabrielle Calista Susanto she states, “I realized how a lot of popular products were actually doing more harm than good. While not every product from these brands is bad for your skin, misinformation has led to widespread misuse of these products” (Gabrielle Calista Susanto, 2020).

It is important to listen to your skin, if a certain product irritates it do not keep using it just because someone on social media said so. Learning to listen to your skin is just as important as using the right products. For example, if my skin is feeling dry and irritated I will focus on moisturization and hydration, instead of applying products that will further irritate it.

That being said, there are some social media accounts run by professionals who specialize in skin care such as Muneen Shah. Because these accounts are run by people who focus on skin for a living, it is better to get your information from them rather than some random account. While going to a dermatologist for skin care questions and concerns is ideal, not everyone has that luxury.

It is also important to stop shaming people for their skincare choices, as not everyone has the luxury to shop for the same skin care that you do. One thing that has opened my eyes to this issue is the use of sunscreen. It is recommended to apply sunscreen every day, applying around three fingers worth of it (meaning squeezing the sunscreen out onto three fingers before applying it onto your face), and reapplying throughout the day, especially when outside. While this is the ideal, most sunscreens are expensive, and if you are applying it multiple times a day every day, you are going to run out of it quickly—which will lead you to buying more. The reality is that many people do not have the means to be constantly buying sunscreen when they need that money to buy groceries.

Everyone’s skincare routine should be based on their own skin needs, as everyone has a different skin type. Just like many other things, the world of skin care is always growing and it is unreasonable to expect everyone to be on top of it at all times.

Written by writer Mehr Lokhandwala

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