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POC Misrepresentation to Our Children

By Tara Kurup

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Throughout the years, people of color have been on western television shows. Although we love when we get representation, it’s almost never accurate. POC have been put in a box with stereotypes surrounding it, good or bad. The majority of the POC roles are just based on stereotypes, which is blatantly false.

On children's shows, there are many stereotypical POC roles, for example, Ravi Ross from Jessie. Ravi is heavily based on Indian stereotypes, but why does this matter? Stereotypes can hurt non-POC children and POC children alike. A child’s mindset of this race will start off with stereotypes. This can later lead to them bullying other children of the race, making the child of the race slowly hating their race and themselves.

We hope that later in the future, our roles won’t just be based on stereotypes. We hope doing this will help more children and lead to less bullying to a child because of their race. We should get to know what the person is like and form an opinion on them based on their personality, not their race.

Written by writer Tara Kurup

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