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The Ethics and Sustainability of Thrifting

Written by writer Gurnoor Kaur

Image via Pinterest Today’s fashion lovers seem to have grasped the idea of thrifting and sustainable shopping and taken it to another level. With lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions, thrifting has picked up and become a more viable source of shopping while many fast fashion stores have shut down.

People have started to love and embrace pre-owned clothing. Meanwhile, TikTok and Instagram are now flooded with short videos of creators styling and wearing their unique thrift finds. Youtubers like Emma Chamberlain, bestdressed (Ashley), and Niki DeMar have a huge part in influencing their young audience about the importance of thrifting and finding trendy clothing at reasonable prices. Apps like Depop, Poshmark and Thredup, solely created for the purpose of reselling and buying second hand items, have also gained a ton of popularity in the past year.

In a recent interview, Sushmita Jha, a 23-year-old online thrift store owner said “getting the chance to purchase unique and luxury items at such low prices is what attracts so many people nowadays towards thrifting.”

In the past few years, people have been highly sceptical about buying second-hand or already used items due to many reasons. However,with time, people have realised the importance of sustainable fashion and the outlook has changed. Gen-Z has become more self-aware over time and doesn’t want to walk down the same path taken by the older generations that has led to the depletion of our planet. Gen-Z sees the need for change in everything, including the fashion industry. They want a cute outfit that doesn’t affect our environment and is also picket friendly.


Yes, thrifting is an ethical and sustainable option for staying in style at cheap prices. The production of fast fashion items has decreased over the past year due to the gaining popularity of sustainable fashion and has resulted in reduction of microplastics and petroleum use, it has also resulted in the decline of use of pesticides and dye.

Written by writer Gurnoor Kaur

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