About Us

Voices of Gen-Z is here to break down barriers and discover what this generation is here to say. We give young minds a platform to speak and hone their creative skills. We encourage others into doing something that is impacting so many. In essence, we are here to amplify the voices of generation-Z, whether that is through written work, young activists speeches, musically, or artistically.

Behind the organization, you will find a team of writers, podcasters, social media managers, podcast editors, graphic designers and photographers, all committed to making sure that Voices of Gen-Z is able to operate to its full potential. Each and every member of Voices of Gen-Z is committed to amplifying the voices of our generation and raising awareness about the issues that affect Gen-Z.

We are made up of a diverse community of gen-z'ers who come from fifteen+ different countries all across the globe. Our team is made up of BIPOC, non binary, LGBTQ+, and non-BIPOC people who all come from different socio-economic backgrounds. Part of what makes the team so unique is our diversity and versatility as a brand. We span across the whole world so we are adept at covering issues that truly impact every member of generation- Z in every corner of the world.

Whether you are a reader, listener, or staff member of Voices of Gen-Z, let us know how we're doing via this form.