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Executive Board

Cheif Executive Officer

Bobby is the Chief Executive Officer of Voices of Gen Z. He lives in Darien, Connecticut, and is a Junior at The Masters School! In his high school, she is involved in EFFECT and multiple clubs. Bobby is passionate about social and environmental justice issues. Aside from VofZ, he is very involved in youth climate activist groups where he advocates for intersectionality and the need for young voices. He believes in the power of social media for educational and resourceful purposes. In the future, he wants to pursue a career in entrepreneurship or business management.  When he's not working, he loves debating, talking with friends, listening to music, and writing poems.

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Bobby Callagy



Saanvi Shetty

Saanvi Shetty is a gen-zer from Seattle, Washington and is the Co-Founder of Voices of Gen-Z. She is a passionate leader and aspires to one day work in the business management/entrepreneurship field. Being a Senior in high school, you can find her constantly pushing to advocate for social injustice issues. She believes that Gen-Z’s voice has the power to break echo chambers, and have meaningful conversations amongst one another. VofZ gives her a chance to amplify voices that have some of the most inspiring things to say. She hopes to take this experience and translate it into life after high school and beyond. Aside from VofZ, Saanvi is on a competitive swim team, and enjoys spending time with friends and family. She has recently fallen in love with coffee and her go to order is an Iced Vanilla Latte. She has an extreme Netflix addiction and can’t go without watching a good episode of The Office.  She is beyond excited to see how Gen-Z shapes the world, and hopes that with VofZ, all youth voices feel heard.

Shreya Karnik is a gen-zer from Seattle, Washington and the Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Voices of Gen-Z. When she is not podcasting and running VofZ with the exec board, you can often find Shreya sparking debates around political change in modern-day society. She is an organizer and activist in the Seattle area who hopes to one day find herself working to reform the very criminal justice system she currently ever so passionately advocates against. After seeing the numerous devastating events in the recent political climate, Shreya was determined to make sure that the often prosaic jargon commonly employed by major news outlets could turn into something more palatable for generation Z to understand. She aimed to create a space where gen-z could receive news about gen-z by gen-z. Thus, the idea of VofZ was born. What she found within VofZ was something much more meaningful: a true community of learners and listeners. Aside from VofZ, Shreya spends her free time perusing record shops and shooting film photography on her camera. She is also an avid Glimore Girls fan and credits the show for her extreme coffee addiction. She is incredibly excited to develop the future of generation-Z alongside her amazing team.


Shreya Karnik

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