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Interested in writing or submitting photography for Voices of Gen-Z? Email us your submissions!

Here are a few things to know before you pitch!​

  • All content created for Voices of Gen-Z is done on a voluntary basis and no payment is distributed. Please keep this in mind when pitching to us.

  • To contribute to Voices of Gen-Z, you must be a part of Generation-Z.

Here is what we need from you:

  1. Your preferred name and age.

  2. If you are writing, your pitch should be a 2-6 sentence description of your idea. Describe to us the category that it would fall under, and the overall essence of the article that you would like to write.

  3. If you are submitting photography, than go ahead and attach it to the email, and state what purpose you are okay with it being used for, a caption for the photo, and any other information you feel we should know.


Email the above to with the subject line "Pitch: (Subject).

We’re excited to hear from you!

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